My First Blog

So, here I sit…about to write my first blog EVER.

I feel as though this moment has been budding for about 25 years (as I can remember quite clearly being in high school with so very much to say and no known outlet to do so – except for the personalized greeting cards that I created for my family every year.)

And it’s quite amazing that, at this moment, I find myself in the midst of yet another new beginning.

Sitting in a coffee house in this beautiful town of Northampton, Massachusetts, after taking control of my own destiny by resigning from my full-time teaching position six weeks ago.

Relishing every moment while in the midst of creating my own business focused on mentoring individuals to become better writers, stronger students, and more confident people overall.

So, here I sit…wondering what to actually write about.

Should it be about my family and how lucky I am to have had such a rich and wonderful upbringing immersed in their unconditional love…

Or should it be about my own disdain for high school – My own experiences of being bullied and being made to feel inferior by my peers – My own academic struggles…

Or maybe about the life-enhancing experiences which occurred during my various cross-country road-trips & Grateful Dead concerts…

Or simply about my love for my wife, Alli, and the fact that our beautifully strong and eternal core bond will never be broken…

Or maybe I’ll save all of that for my Memoirs.

So, here I sit…


Wondering if maybe this could be the opportunity to express my beliefs regarding Tapping in and Turning on to ourselves in this world…

Or one to detail how my desire to truly help others has led to enhancing my own self…

Or one to share how gratifying it is to be able to reach-in and pull-out the inner-poet in others…

Or one to express how standing in front of a classroom full of teenagers has, on countless occasions, allowed me to be their student…and how grateful I am to them…

So, here I sit…

And have been sitting for about two hours still not sure what I should write about in my very first blog.

And then I remember what I’ve told to my students when they complain about their own versions of “writer’s block” (which in many cases is simply the stiflingly low priority they place on writing.)

I tell them to just sit, and breathe, and write, about anything – without reservation.

To erase the words “perfection” and “can’t” from their universal language.

To simply allow their uniquely refreshing energy to flow with abandon onto the page.

And when that river slows to a trickle, to rehash and chisel and revise it into something more refined.

And then I look up at my computer screen, and realize that I’ve done just that.


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