the mentor

What is the definition of a “mentor”?
I instantly think of someone trustworthy, open-minded, and knowledgeable.
Whose life-experiences illuminate their words…and their very Being.
A teacher, a tutor…who is also a student.
     Forever, a student.
Someone worthy of emulating, even after they leave the “session.”
Consistent…yet unpredictable.
One who inspires others without intentionally doing so.
Who’s able to gently plant the seeds…and nurture their growth.
Someone who truly understands, and believes, what they are teaching.
One able to leave their ego at the door,
     So as to Listen.
         Able and Yearning to Listen.
A mentor might not be a Master or an Expert or a Genius.
     For who among us can truly claim those titles?
A mentor should not be rigid, or inflexible, or blinded by their own walls.
     Or demand praise or gratitude.
         Or allow their own frustrations to hinder their ability to teach.
So, as I reflect upon my own definition of a mentor,
     While tears well my eyes,
         And a warmth fills my heart,
             I read the words of my students,
Expressing that I, was one to them.


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