I want to address the silence.

And not the,


which comes after a kiss feeling bliss.

Or the,


which wraps around the mind before sleep healing deep.

Or the,


of a soft…warm…summer breeze.

The silence in which I speak,

Is the cold icy frost which,

Numbs your thoughts and,

freezes your lips…Closed.

Keeping the door shut,

the lips pursed,

The heavy heart simply yearning to burst.

The hush,

which brings the fears,

Deadens the lungs and hardens the tears.

Until even the mind starts to…Rust.

Atrophize the eyes into a deadened stare.

Sorrowful clouds to darken the glare…Of hope.

The horrid stink of the rotting soul,

Permeating, reverberating behind hollow orbs of blackened coal.

Whose lights have dimmed.

But one small spark can set the world ablaze.

And waken the lifeless out of the daze.

Clear the haze Exit the maze And give praise,

To the simple gift…Of life.

At first,

A whisper.

Like an artists brush,

gently caressing the palette from the ever-ending black hole of Fear,

Until the watercolors come clear,


from a pinhole,

Of light.

Volume blooming,

Bubbling, booming

Something looming just beneath the surface.

Growing louder,

gaining power like a shower of emotion,

Washing over with a desire to release,


Let loose and liberate,

The pain.

The hurt.

The hate.

Like a hurricane.

Restraint starts to wane,

Can’t contain the pain and the feeling’s insane.

So you scream.

Shout about regret,

The game, match and set which you lost.

Lament for your words going unheard the cost,

too much to bear.

And you care to wear your sins on your sleeve

So you breathe.

Catch your breath and scream.

Fingers caressing wrists bending

the silence…relents…

to the word…

on the page.

Your scripture now flows.

From the untapped voice of your soul.

And the volume increases as your insight releases stories untold…

Told now of the sorrow,

The hopeless tomorrows,

The use and abuse at the hands of your own,

Or another,

Your sister,

your mother…

And it hurts.

But through pain comes the healing,

The end of the dealing in the depth of the shadows.

Break free from the shackles,

Run free and cackle through the grass green with life.

And love.

And live.

Live loud,

Live proud.

And scream until you’re filled with light.

Scream silent delight.

A quiet which now makes the darkness bright.

Gathering strength and you fight,

Gaining Sight,

Of your truth

and your Gift

and your Need

To simply…write.


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