My Students

They’re kind,

But sometimes nasty.


But mostly reserved.

Unknowingly able, creative and wise.

They make me laugh,

And cry.

They make me take pause…

To reflect,

Back onto them.

They crave,

Respect, and kindness, and love.

They crave,

To be heard.

They inspire me,

To inspire them.

They’re hungry.

And need to be nourished,

With LOTS of food,

And guidance.

They see us.

And see through us.

They’re Masters,

Of what moves them.


Of manipulation.

They’re kids,

Simply kids,

Growing into adults.

They crave,


They crave,


They have trouble,

With patience and silence.


With trust.

They are students,

My students,

And I am grateful for them.

Grateful for their ears, listening.

Grateful for their voices, speaking.

Grateful for their hearts, respecting.

Grateful for their minds, creating.



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