Borrowed Hope


There are times when i don’t feel strong,

Like life is pulling me along

And i am hanging on by a thread.

In times like this, in times of need,

i feel there is no one but me.

i feel lost and i’m trying to move forward,

And i know this path is for me to figure out,

But i feel lost and i’m trying to move forward.


i can’t see anymore, i’ve tried to reason my life,

i can’t feel anymore, i find it hard to survive.

Can you see me at all, do you care to understand?

Can you hear me at all, will you turn your eyes again?

God let me believe the day i will be free.

i will be free.


And i’ve got good friends around me, so close i could throw a stone,

Oh, i’ve trouble relating when i’m self-medicating and alone.

And all of my life i have been having these crazy dreams,

All of my life i have been living in extremes.

And i guess i’m taking this slow, i’m on shaky feet on shaky ground


i’m standing at the edge of another precipice in life.

Gotta face my Steppenwolf,

Gotta drag you through the mud,

When i get there i will see myself.

I will look for strength within.

I will be a better woman.

Hang in there baby, I’m the grain of sand

Becoming the pearl.


It takes a few moments of whirling around

Before your feet finally leave the ground.

And fending off fears and hearing the call

And finally waiting for nothing at all.

Obstacles are stepping stones

That guide us to our goals,

Fences are filters

That purify our souls.

And the light is growing brighter now


If my finest fleet, should never reach the sea

And if my darkest hour still awaits me,

If this brief glimmer is all that’s meant to be,

Then let me walk bravely into open fields.

Lyrics borrowed from:

1. Ellis – “Angel”

2. Nil Lara – “I Will Be Free”

3. Molly Venter – “Shaky Ground”

4. Paula Cole – “Pearl”

5. Phish – “Light”

6. Meg Hutchinson – “Yet To Be”


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