Spoken Word Workshop – Young Adults

The Spoken Word Workshop is now ON-LINE on an individual basis with Skype.


“Find Your Voice – Find Your Freedom”

WRITE…with creative abandon.

SPEAK…with emotion, inflection and rhythm

GROW….into a more confident, balanced and enriched individual

RELEASE…your Inner Poet


Are You Brave Enough To SPEAK YOUR TRUTH?

The Spoken Word Workshop focuses on deepening your creative writing abilities while allowing for a safe and supportive space for you to Tap Your Truth, find your voice and passionately express those words in front of your peers.

The performances help to build a sense of self-confidence and also help to eliminate the fears and anxieties which reside around speaking in public.

By hearing your own voice express the words which you have written, you will undoubtedly grow into a more courageous and self-assured individual.

This workshop frees you of your protective and sometimes suffocating shells, enabling you to experience vulnerability and a passion for your own words upon which you will receive open and honest feedback from both Jeff and your peers.

  • This workshop is for anyone who has ever found joy in their own reflective writing and who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the creative writing process.
  • It’s for the individuals who want to be finally free of the shackles of silencing fear and insecurity and self-doubt.
  • And it’s for those who have the courage to Get Real and to Be Heard.

Participants have written and spoken about their own personal journeys and their place in the world, as well as how they poetically feel about the events or ideals of the world at large. No matter what the topic, to Speak Your Truth is liberating, and is a moving experience for all who attend the Workshop.

Jeff Winston has been effectively leading this workshop at the high school level for three years and has been enriched by the level of courage, passion and poetic truth exhibited by each of the participants. As the desire to Tap Your Truth has no age limit, Jeff is now opening the workshop up to everyone.

Please contact Jeff  directly to reserve your spot in the next workshop.

Everyone has their own reasons for attending The Spoken Word Workshop, but the emotional connection between the artist and the audience is universal.  In their own words, here’s how some describe their experience of getting real and getting free:

Spoken Words by Workshop Grads


“Every Friday, we met for two hours after school and put our truth to words in a form of effectively expressing ourselves and our emotions through poetry. I am an inherently introverted and secretive person, but I accredit Jeff’s workshop with assisting me in figuring myself out, developing confidence, and coming to terms with the darker pieces of my past.”


“If it wasn’t for the spoken word workshop I probably wouldn’t have been able to turn my life around. Even the bleakest heart can be rejuvenated and saved by the power of expression.”


“Being in Jeff’s Spoken Word Workshop was the best experience of my life. I gained a deeper sense of self; I was able to tap into who I really am–and appreciate it!–and I gained a new perspective of the world. Now, I am truly happy and I owe so much of that to Jeff.”


“Spoken Word changed my life. There really is no other way to describe it. Over the course of the workshop, I built upon pure strength within my words, myself and my truth. My writing skills have improved and my mind is much more open to the world and life around me. I don’t know where I would be today without the Workshop, or from all the help Jeff has given me.”


“Jeff’s spoken word workshop gave me a chance to be myself and was my first experience speaking in front of others. Jeff saw that I was far more natural while performing comedic spoken word pieces and, because he doesn’t teach out of a textbook, he had the flexibility to steer me in that direction. When I graduated from high school, I started doing stand-up comedy and I spent the summer performing four nights a week and participating in stand-up contests. If it wasn’t for Jeff’s spoken word class, I honestly don’t think I would have had the confidence or the skills to get up in front of an audience and succeed.”


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