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When Jeff first became a teacher, his main goal was to turn students on to themselves by helping them to reach their highest academic and personal potential. For over fifteen years, due to his personalized approach to teaching and his unfaltering dedication to every child’s growth, Jeff has enabled students to understand and implement the strategies necessary to be successful while empowering them with the confidence and ability to excel both in and out of the classroom.

To Tap Your Truth is to recognize your true capabilities within life’s classroom. Whether as a private tutor or as the leader of his Spoken Word Workshop, Jeff empowers individuals and companies to reach their highest potential.

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Jeff’s private tutoring services include:

College Admissions Essay

Most colleges and universities consider their required College Admissions Essay to be the most valuable piece of a student’s application when making their acceptance decision. Working independently with Jeff, your child will benefit from an experienced and effective writer to create an original and expressive self-portrait that will undoubtedly make an impact on their future school’s admissions committee. Learn more here…

Writing/Editing Services

Whether it be creative writing, comparative essays, or a full-blown research paper, utilizing Jeff’s editing skills will help you to craft a final product reflective of your best intentions, and worthy of your professor’s praise. Working with Jeff will not only help you to create a refined essay, but will enable you to develop a strategic approach to the required style of writing, helping you to become a more invested, confident, and capable writer. Learn more here…

Time Management & Study Skills Coaching

Every student’s life is filled with distractions, and, many times, their academics take on a weaker priority than they should. Jeff’s success in his career is a result of a strong work ethic, and his empowering coaching ability has helped his students to gain a better understanding of the valuable role academics play in their overall future. Learn more here…

The Spoken Word Workshop

Over the past three years, Jeff has led his young adult, adult, and senior students through this powerfully reflective experience, which has enabled them to taste freedom through their written and oral expression of their passions, fears and life experiences. Jeff mentors his students through the process of enhancing their creative writing, poetic expression and oral performance abilities, while gently and honestly empowering each to travel their own individual journeys toward honest, emotive and poetic communication. Learn more here…

As you continue to explore this website and the services offered, please feel free to contact Jeff with any questions or specialized needs you may have at: JeffWinston@TapYourTruth.com or (413) 588-7807.


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